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We are passionate with 10 years of experience in designing and producing lighting fixtures for special tasks. All luminaires on offer are our proprietary projects and have been made in accordance with the standards and good engineering practice.

For the needs of our products, LED modules have been designed and manufactured in Poland by a company with 30 years of experience. Thanks to this, our luminaires have 3 types of spectrum, which, together with the adjustment of individual channels, will allow you to choose the perfect parameters, even for the most demanding.

In addition to selling luminaires, we prepare lighting projects in the DIALux program.



Lampy do uprawy roślin, doświetlenie, szklarnie, hodowla roślin


Length 300mm and power approximately 100W. It is ideal for small rooms, boxes and laboratories where the ability to regulate the spectrum is crucial.

Lampy do uprawy roślin, doświetlenie, szklarnie, hodowla roślin


Length 500mm and power approximately 200W. This product is the perfect compromise between our DALIA and VITIS luminaires.

Lampy do uprawy roślin, doświetlenie, szklarnie, hodowla roślin


Length 970mm and power approximately 400W. The most powerful of our luminaires will fit perfectly in big investments, where there are large areas for lighting.



High performance LED luminaire designed by Polish manufacturer for growing plants. The product is perfect for vertical applications and danish trolleys.


Danish trolley lighting system consisting of 4 or 5 light fittings and a power supply and control box. The product is designed to illuminate seedlings and plant cuttings.

Why LED?

Energooszczędność, LED, skrócenie czasu uprawy roślin

We ensure


Modern and highly efficient Light4Plant light sources allow for up to 40% electricity savings. An additional advantage is the shortening of the plant cultivation time.

Perfect conditions all year round

The latest technology allows you to decide on the amount and quality of light that is to reach our crop. Thanks to this, we can provide plants with optimal conditions all year round.

Intelligent control system

We provide systems for intelligent control of entire groups of luminaires with the possibility of connecting various types of sensors (including humidity, light, temperature).

Dedicated solutions

We design products for individual customer needs. High professionalism and experience allow us to satisfy even the most demanding contractors.


We are here to help. We provide support and technical assistance from the first talks to the last measurement on the investment. We listen to the needs of our clients and look for the best solutions for them.

Knowledge Center

Do you want to know what the abbreviations PPF, PPFD mean and why are they so important in lighting plants? Visit our knowledge center to learn more about these and many other topics related to plant lighting.

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